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8" by 8" Nature Sketchbook Interactive Album


  • An interactive Scrapbook Album that is constructed with lots of interactive elements.
  • Cover size 8 1/2" by 8 1/2" Assorted sized pages.
  • Contains 10 Individual interactive pages 20 front and back with each page different than the other.
  • Enjoy incorporating metal embellishments and hardware and various closures and techniques to create a unique project.
  • The Video Class contains 4 detailed videos taking you through the entire creative process of the project.



  • Learn interesting new technique to bind the pages as well assemble pages in a unique way.
  • Learn to create split hinges, also, to add multiple pages to a hinge.
  • The Album contains lots of pockets folds and flaps as well as tags and cards.
  • The Album contains lots of envelopes made from scratch with interactive tags and .
  • You will also learn to make the fun Chunky charm seen in the photos.
  • I walk you through the entire process of creating the album step-by-step start to finish.
  • You will learn to create the cover, the binding, creating the pages, adding the pattern paper and then assembling the entire project and finally to embellish your  finished project.
  • learn to create the unique shadow box frame and create the 3D effect.



  • The entire list of materials needed and as well as the list of tools used will be vissible on purchase of the class.
  • The videos can be played on Desktops, laptops, tablets & cellphone for best results Desktop & laptop.
  • For more detailed view of the Project watch the accompanying video.


  • Your purchased classes will be visible after you log in to your account to the left hand side under "My Videos".
  • This is a virtual product, no physical item will be shipped.
  • The Video Classes will be available for viewing for 3 years from the date of purchase.

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