They say "If you want something to be done well, do it yourself!".

So following this wise saying we would like to introduce ourselves . Art Some Craft was founded by Ashmita Roy Das in the year 2012 in an endeavour to bring International standard craft and craft products to India . The founder Ashmita Roy Das is a renowned Art and Craft Educator, specialising primarily in the field of paper crafting, mixed media and altered arts , she has students all over the world and India as well .

In May 2015 a life's dream was materialized, to bring international and national craft brands to each crafters table at reasonable prices through a user friendly and interactive website www.artsomecraft.com . The goal is to market international products in India and vice versa , providing a common platform to all the crafters around the world.

We AIM to bring only the premium quality Art and Craft products and materials at your doorstep along with a promise of quality and authenticity.

We WISH to bring the crafting community of India at par with the world by providing latest products with market competent rates.

We ASPIRE to introduce new and fresh products that will be unique and enhance your creative experience.

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